HSCA Overview

The High School for Contemporary Arts is an arts school that proudly offers its students a world-class education with a dynamic faculty and challenging curriculum. Our students get the benefits and warmth of a small school setting of roughly 500 students that offers Advanced Placement classes. Interdisciplinary projects are infused with contemporary arts into the academic curriculum. Our teachers use rigorous instruction and data-tracking analysis to ensure credit accumulation and graduation success.

The High School for Contemporary Arts is committed to nurturing each student’s passion for contemporary arts and thirst for knowledge by providing a safe, supportive community that inspires lifelong learning and a commitment to social change. HSCA follows a daily schedule on rigorous academic work and intensive contemporary arts instruction. The High School for Contemporary Arts uses all the resources available to prepare students. Technology is employed in all of the arts and academics to provide our students with the experience they need to be able to succeed in this technological world. HSCA provides an environment where the arts are used to develop our students’ artistic abilities, academic achievement, and cultural empowerment.